Featured Show Proposals

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Want to do your own Featured Show?

Artists who wish to be considered for a Featured Artist Show in the main gallery must submit a proposal to the Featured Artist Coordinator. Proposals can submitted as an individual artists or as a group.

Show Proposals:

You proposal should include a typed, detailed concept for an exhibition, 1 to 2 pages in length. You will need to include the ideas behind your exhibition, how many works you intend to showcase, the specific requirements of how the show will be displayed or presented, if the works are two dimensional or three dimensional, etc.

In addition to the typed proposal please also include the following:

  1. An artist biography or resume

  2. Six images of your work, and

  3. Corresponding list that includes dimensions and materials used.


Please email information or questions to info@galleryatthepark.org with the subject heading "Featured Artist."