Neva Scott

This October, don’t miss Neva Scott’s one-of-a-kind exhibit at the Gallery the Park!

Growing up in a small town in Nevada, Neva Scott always wanted to be an artist, but between raising children, working as a realtor and shopkeeping, she simply didn’t have enough time to commit to the arts as fully as she would have liked. Then, Scott turned 65; she retired, and her children were all adults, so she was finally able to turn her attention to this new venture.

After studying the basics of encaustic painting under Alicia Tormey, Scott now loves to manipulate wax and resin with a blowtorch to create new works of art.

Scott has also been influenced by Joseph Cornell, Orphan Pamuk, Louise Nevelson and Kurt Schwitters. These artists used found objects to create assemblages, with Schwitters saying, “objects shown out of context startle the viewer.” Inspired by these works, Scott began making assemblages out of abandoned toys—she is, after all, a grandmother.

“When imagining a new piece of art, I summon up a mix of contrasts,” Scott says, “clarity and chaos, exactness and freedom, control and randomness, precision and free flow.”

Scott’s daring and colorful exhibit will be on display at the Gallery at the Park from Oct. 1 through 25. The artist reception will be on Oct. 4.

To view more of Neva Scott’s work, visit her gallery, Neva Scott Art, at 511 Lee Boulevard in Richland.

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Emma Barnes