Northwest Designer Craftsmen

This month, the Gallery at the Park features a showcase of work from the Northwest Designer Craftsmen, an organization dedicated to promoting excellent design and craftsmanship.

The Northwest Designer Craftsmen is made up of professional artists from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Alaska. These artists work with clay, wood, glass, metal, fiber and mixed media. The group also has members who support the craft as educators, managers of art organizations or buyers of art.

Nine Seattle artisans joined together to form the Northwest Designer Craftsman in 1954 as a way of fostering high standards of design, promoting public interest in crafts and fostering sound business methods among designers in the Northwest. 

Today, the organization has over 150 members working in a variety of mediums, including weaving, quilting and basketry, as well as jewelry and metal arts and other mixed media. Many Northwest Designer Craftsmen artists even use a variety of techniques and materials to create unique works of art that blur the line between fine art and craft.

Members all hold a high regard for professional craftsmanship and a respect for the materials and process, regardless of whether they work in metal, wood, clay, textiles or anything else. They create quality work that exemplifies how the tradition of craft can be merged with contemporary artistic expression.

The Northwest Designer Craftsmen’s gallery show features over 100 works from 44 different artists. The works are distinct and varied, ranging from porcelain, clay and glass to quilts and handwoven tapestries to sterling silver and beaded jewelry. The only way to understand the full scope of what the Northwest Designer Craftsmen can do is to come see for yourself!

The exhibit will be on display at the Gallery at the Park until Sept. 27, and the reception will be held on Sept. 6.

Emma Barnes