Jay Hollick - May 31 - June 29

Jay Hollick: Memories and Mapping, the artist’s vision of growing up in Richland in the shadow of Hanford.

Public Reception: Friday, June 2, 6-8pm

Like many others who were born and raised in Richland, JayHollick never thought anything of the fact that he shared his hometown with hazardous chemicals.

If you’re a lifelong resident of the Tri-Cities, you’re probably more than a little used to seeing imagery related to atomic bombs and radiation. Whether you’re out shopping, getting dinner or watching a high school football game, you will probably encounter names or logos reminding you that you live at one of the three sites where the Manhattan Project came to fruition.

It wasn’t until Hollick moved to a new town, years later, that he realized how different the Tri-Cities area is from other places. Around here, references to the atomic bomb are not just commonplace, but expected. This characteristic is one that other cities often do not share; after all, aside from only two exceptions, no other city in the nation shares Richland’s history.
This June, the Gallery at the Park’s featured show presents Jay Hollick’s take on the unique qualities that make up his hometown.

Hollick uses graphite to draw out maps depicting the relationship between himself and his city. Art is his way of gaining a deeper understanding of who he is as a person and how that relates to Richland.

Though it may seem odd to some, using maps as the medium for this project was the natural choice for Hollick. Mapmaking is undoubtedly an accepted method of recording knowledge and cataloging places, and Hollick also believes maps offer an opportunity to reflect on the past, present and future and to discover more information about the time period in which the map was created.

“In the same way that Richland has an accepted history, marked with personal stories,” Hollick notes, “the maps I create are structured documents imbued with my personal influence.”
Jay Hollick’s exhibit will be on display at the Gallery at the Park from May 31 to June 29. You can also visit Hollick’s website at jayhollick.com.

The Gallery at the Park is open from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays. Visit the Gallery at 89 Lee Boulevard near the entrance of Howard Amon Park in Richland, or go the website at galleryatthepark.org.