Collage & Mixed Media, Saturday May 5, 10am - 4pm

Collage & Mixed Media, Saturday May 5, 10am - 4pm

from 114.00

Collage & Mixed Media

Instructor: Barbara DePirro

All products graciously provided by Golden Artist Colors. 

Most other supplies & tools provided by instructor. 

Discover methods of combining textile, fiber, paper, found objects and acrylic to create inspirational artworks. Build up surface texture, imagery and pattern using both collage and assemblage techniques, combined with a range of textural acrylic products. Gain a concise understanding of the qualities each product offers; in creating texture, for gluing and embedding. Moving beyond any preconceived notions of what defines collage; this workshop will expand your vocabulary of methods and approaches, presenting new pathways in your own individual artwork. Each artist will create samples of each product, process & technique; each detail will be documented, creating a reference that will prove to be an invaluable resource for all future projects. All levels are welcome. 

Artists should bring the following: 

- pre-cut white mat board or illustration board (10-12 pieces, range of sizes no smaller than 4”, no larger than 10” )

- Paint palette (you may even use recycled plastic lids, Styrofoam trays, etc.) 

- Paper towels - clear plastic sheeting; will be used in the transfer process, underneath especially drippy samples while working, on the floor for additional drying space & at the end of the class to help in transporting wet samples. 

- box lids or trays for drying & transporting wet samples 

- Apron or paint shirt 

- Personal imagery, artwork, photography or drawings; Black/White, color copies (laser prints not inkjet) - Found papers, fibers, textiles or objects

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