April 20th: Beautiful Backgrounds & Textures In Watercolor

April 20th: Beautiful Backgrounds & Textures In Watercolor

from 54.00

“Beautiful Backgrounds & Textures In Watercolor” with Suzi Vitulli.
On Saturday April 20th
From Noon to 4 pm
Cost: $54 for Gallery members and $60 for Non-Members
Please see “Supply List” below

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Supply List

For: Suzi Vitulli’s  “Beautiful Backgrounds & Textures” in watercolor workshop

Sack Lunch and something to drink.  Unless you plan on going out to lunch.

·         Paper:

o   140 lb. cold pressed Arches or other artist quality brand paper, cut into approximately 5x7 size.  Feel free to bring your scraps to practice the different techniques.  We will be learning at least 10 different techniques, so the more paper you bring the more you can practice.

·         Brushes:

o   Assorted Rounds, small to large

o   1/4 inch soft scrubby brush 

o   Scrap Toothbrush

o   Rigger or Liner

·         Other Watercolor Supplies

o   Paint palette with plenty of room for mixing color.

o   Spray mister (Fine)

o   Paper towels - Lots, also needed to dry your projects on.

o   Pipette or Hair color water bottle to add water to your paint

o   Pencil 

o   Artist gum eraser

o   Masking Tape

o   Masking Fluid and applicator for fine lines.

o   Blow dryer

·         Paints:   

o   Bring All Your Favorite Paints  (Artist Quality Tube Watercolors)

o   Board to paint on (I like to use a plexiglass board)  Wood or gator board, or even a cutting board is fine too.

o   Water buckets 2.